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Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Commercial establishments and home owners who already experienced the luxury of a good lawn value the importance of maintaining it. Clients and visitors truly appreciate a well maintained lawn or landscape because it certainly adds aesthetic appeal and improve the image of the business. It also provides a welcoming atmosphere in any home. A good lawn pushes up the property value and is a good investment in the long term. However, time, money and effort that you will likely spend on its upkeep should also be taken into account.

Lawn care and landscape maintenance is necessary if you want your plants and flowers to flourish. It is important to understand that plants need more than just the usual trimming and watering. Knowledge about proper lawn and landscape maintenance is very essential. With Broadhurst & Sons, LLC, you are sure to have a luscious lawn that would surely be a delight to your neighbors in Maryland.

Proper Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance

Most homeowners usually know the basics of lawn care and landscape maintenance. Trimming the over grown bushes and shrubbery, adding fertilizers on plants and grass, and regular watering of the lawn are just some of the common tasks. However, proper landscape maintenance requires time and more complicated than most people realize.

Landscape maintenance is a methodical approach of keeping a landscape in its pristine condition. Proper care of the grass, flowers, shrubs and trees involves a systematized way of keeping them nurtured and attractive. Lime treatment, constant monitoring of PH soil levels, compaction, nutrient content, water drainage, and grub control are few of the numerous things to attend to.

In order to achieve a well-rounded care for your property, you have to find qualified professionals who specialize in proper installation, treatment and maintenance of your lawns. Broadhurst & Sons, LLC offers a wide range of services that you may not be able to get from other landscape contractors. We can provide a complete maintenance package from the simple lawn care to the more complex landscape maintenance. We will safeguard your investment and create amazing, beautiful and attractive lawn you’ll surely be proud of.

Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Made by Professionals

Optimum maintenance of lawn or landscapes in Maryland can only be done by a professional landscape maintenance contractor. Aside from the skills and techniques used in maintaining landscapes, a contractor must also consider the environment. Broadhurst & Sons, LLC is aware of the environmental issues and understand the importance of a chemical free and healthy environment.

Our years of experience and good track record have been tested by countless homeowners, community associations and businesses in Maryland. Broadhurst & Sons, LLC has been proudly serving Union Bridge, Woodsboro, Manchester, New Windsor and the greater part of Maryland for more than a decade. They are guaranteed with our first-rate lawn and landscape maintenance service. We can customize lawn care and develop preservation plan that is right for lawns of any size and layout. With us you are sure to work with experts who are adept of carrying out all the lawn care related activities. We also have the latest and best equipment needed for the landscape maintenance job.

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