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Hardscape Design

Hardscape Design Hardscape design refers to the blueprint of the landscaping structures that have to be constructed in the outdoors. Among the important structures include the driveways, patios, walls, fences, and drainage. A hardscape design needs to be treated as a very critical and precise art. For over 23 years, our company has a lot of successful projects that will inspire you to bring out your dream hardscape design into reality.

Hardscape Materials Critical to the Design

Materials selection is very important when designing a hardscape. Depending on the theme of both home architecture and the surrounding landscape, materials will ultimately be chosen in such a way that it will unify the landscape and the building. For example, stones and pebbles from beaches, seashores, mountains and hills will make a very interesting effect on any hardscape design.

What to Include in the Hardscape Design

Various hardscape elements can be included in the design of your landscape. Paver patios and driveways are often built to establish the stark contrasts in the contemporary design. Stone works ranging from cut stone to limestone and tile can be used to create any theme.

Drainage is another important element in any hardscape design projects. Structures are commonly built in a front yard or back yard to create a potential dam for rainwater. It will prevent water from encroaching on other structures or collecting at its base. The drainage design has to have functional value while still upholding aesthetics.

Hardscape designs may also include seat walls, retaining wall, columns, and curbs. These structures are designed either as components of irrigation systems, or as barriers against water encroachment from areas outside of the landscape proper. They add a striking characteristic to an outdoor space while offering several options from a fully developed outdoor entertainment. Brick fireplaces; stonewall structures, and dry stack stones are also popular backyard additions.

An appealing pool will not be possible if not for a well-planned hardscape design. Not only can the area surrounding the pool be enhanced with a patio wing and a fireplace, but the walls surrounding it can also be elegantly installed.

A great hardscape design should add functionality in the backyard. Since hardscapes relate to comfort and create new living spaces, then these elements would bring very important roles.

Balanced Hardscape Elements for Perfect Hardscape Designs

When choosing what to put into your hardscape design, make sure that you will not make them overstuffed or blunt. Bringing your outdoor landscape to life is an exciting home improvement project especially if you have it done by the experts in Maryland like Broadhurst & Sons, LLC. Be sure to contact us if you need a hardscape design that can be transformed into a beautiful art in your landscape.

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